FPR8 Blue – Fuel Pressure Regulator


Fitment Requires Fabrication // Universal Product

The Turbosmart FPR8 Series provides market-leading fuel control and response via a true 1:1 ratio and superior flow and bypass capacity for vehicles with -8 / 8AN fuel systems. Utilising our Stainless Steel Valve Seat & Milspec Diaphragm, the FPR8 Series is suitable for all Fuel types, including Race Fuel and aggressive leaded fuels. Our FPR8 Range includes an 8AN inlet, outlet, and returns port and is available in Standard (35psi to 80psi) and LP (3psi to 20psi) for Low Pressure and Carburettor Systems to suit 2000HP systems. _x000D_


Features _x000D_
Stainless Steel Valve Seat _x000D_
Suitable for all fuel types _x000D_
1:1 Class Leading Ratio and Response _x000D_
Adjustable Pressure _x000D_
1/8 NPT Gauge / Pressure Sensor Port _x000D_
Unique Locking Collar Design _x000D_
Milspec Diaphragm _x000D_
Detailed Specific Fuel Flow Data and Spec _x000D_

Available in: _x000D_
FPR8 (Blue) TS-0404-1031 _x000D_
FPR8 (Black) TS-0404-1032 _x000D_
FPR8 (Purple) TS-0404-1033 _x000D_
FPR8 (Red) TS-0404-1034 _x000D_
FPR8 (LP) TS-0404-1132 _x000D_

Gewicht 408,65 g
Afmetingen 9 × 9 × 15 cm