FPR Adaptor Mitsubishi (EVO X)


Fuel Rail Adaptor (Silver) – Allows Fitment of the Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Regulator to the OEM Fuel Rail.

This Turbosmart Fuel Rail Adaptor Suit Mitsubishi (EVO) features an easy and straightforward installation process. As a result, your engine can perform at its peak in no time! With the Turbosmart Fuel Rail Adaptor, you’ll enjoy an increased fuel flow rate, resulting in more horsepower and torque gains. The Turbosmart Fuel Rail Adaptor is designed for reliable performance under extreme conditions and is ideal for street, drag, drift and race applications. Get yours today and unleash your vehicle’s true potential!

Gewicht 23 g
Afmetingen 7 × 2 × 14 cm