eB2 LED- Blue


Turbosmart’s Blue LED – Suit eBoost2 Warning Light Ring Mount is designed to give you visual alerts when the pre-set Turbosmart eBoost2 external outputs are triggered. This includes an RPM shift light, Overboost or Water/Methanol Injection activation. This Turbosmart product ensures your engine runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible by providing essential information about its performance. The Turbosmart Blue LED – Suit eBoost2 Warning Light Ring Mount helps keep your engine running at optimal levels and ensures any potential issues can be addressed quickly. This Turbosmart product is an essential part of your Turbosmart eBoost2 system, so don’t miss out on this great upgrade option! With Turbosmart’s Blue LED–Suit eBoost2 Warning Light Ring Mount, you can rest assured that your engine is performing at its best and enjoy peace of mind with Turbosmart quality. Upgrade now and never miss a critical shift or warning again!

Gewicht 10 g
Afmetingen 10 × 5 × 17 cm