BOV Kompact Dual Port Hyundai i30N


Bolt-On Upgrade for Factory Diverter Valve

A direct-fit high-performance replacement for the factory all-plastic unit, the Turbosmart Kompact BOV suits the Hyundai i30N, Kona N & Veloster N. The Turbosmart unit is made of billet aerospace-grade aluminium with high-temperature seals that allow for minimal leakage and a complete seal across the bypass aperture, providing as much performance as possible. 

Benefits include: 

  • Direct fit upgrade for the factory BOV on Hyundai i30N, KONA N & Veloster N models.
  • Packaged with a blanking plug to switch the unit into the pure vent to atmosphere or plumb-back modes
  • All billet CNC construction and attractive anodized finish
  • Manufactured, assembled and validated in-house at Turbosmart HQ

*Note: This product is only suitable for the 2.0L i30 N, Kona N & Veloster N.
If you are after a BOV for the 1.6L i30 N-Line, Kona N-Line or Veloster N-Line, please click this link for the correct product part number which is TS-0203-1032.

Please look up the Find My Car list for the latest vehicle application.


Gewicht 472 g
Afmetingen 15 × 8 × 19 cm