ECUMaster EDL-1 Datalogger


belangrijkste kenmerken:
werkt met EMU en EMU BLACK via seriële communicatie,
> 4GB SDHC-geheugenkaarten met FAT32,
ingebouwde Bluetooth-module,
op maat gemaakte geanodiseerde aluminium behuizing met twee LED’s die de apparaatstatus aangeven, geheugenkaartoverdracht en Bluetooth-communicatie,

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The EDL-1 data logger is a “must have” for any professionals using the EMU, EMU CLASSIC and the EMU BLACK device. Utilizing serial communication, this device is able to record over 200 data channels with a frequency of 25Hz.

Use of the popular SDHC cards with FAT32 file system means reading data on PC computer is fast and simple. The average data rate allows to record about 11 hours per 1GB of memory card space.

For time stamping there is built in battery powered RTC clock.

Additionally, the EDL-1 device is equipped with a Bluetooth module to communicate with an Android tablet device.

Gewicht 500 g
Afmetingen 15 × 12 × 5 cm